Health experts agree that the best approach for successful weight loss and weight maintenance is one that promotes permanent changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle behaviors and attitudes.

PWMC (Physicians Weight Management Centers) arms you with a variety of education modules to promote these healthy behaviors.

The objective is to help our patients learn and apply key behaviors associated with successful long-term weight maintenance.

Behavior Education

Patients learn:

  • How to break the damaging link between unhealthy behaviors and the circumstances that causes them to eat when they’re not physically hungry.
  • To gain confidence in their weight management skills.
  • To develop a repertoire of maintenance tools to help achieve lasting success.

Fitness Education
Patients learn:

  • The components of a physical fitness program.
  • How to incorporate endurance, strength and flexibility activities into their day, aiming for a daily average of 30 minutes.
  • Practical tips to fight excuses for not exercising, establish a walking regimen, stretch to prevent injuries and master their metabolism.

Nutrition Education
Patients learn:

  • That the key to weight management success is a nutrient-rich diet that incorporates balance, variety, and moderation.
  • How to use the food exchange groups.
  • The roles of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • How to read food labels, modify recipes, shop wisely, snack sensibly and dine out nutritiously.