Our Brands

At Physicians Weight Management Centers we have our team medical professionals to keep great our brands which is:

Marcia Cox has been a resident of Lake Havasu for over 19 years. Marcia has a combined total of over 26 years focusing on bariatric patient care, insurance, and human resources.

Jennifer Aranguena has been a resident of Lake Havasu for 4 years. Most of which she has been focused on bariatric patient care. She is also a registered phlebotomist as a “Chef In Training”. Jennifer always provided each patients with suggestions to create well-balanced meals that are fun!

What makes the Physicians Weight Management Centers brand different?

Professional Medical Significant Monitoring

Medical professionals at PWMC always make significant use of medical monitoring to ensure patients are well cared for. Many Weight loss programs require the approval of a physician before  started.

Many weight loss programs require the involvement of a medical professional. In purpose to order being safe, effective and fast. PWMC have included this important step in this programs Weight Management. Because we believe it is important things to provide our clients with this. Each client starts their program under the close watch of a nurse, a counselor and a physician.

Dietitian-approved nutritionist and physician designer

The Medical Director and dietitian offer professional support for each weight loss program. Each phase of the ketogenic diet includes measuring proper nutrition levels. Followed by a calorie reduction and final maintenance. This PWMC program is designed and approved by a licensed dietitian.

A specific course of action

Physicians Weight Management Centers have a specific course of action is taken to address each individual case. There are 6 different weight loss programs to choose from. Each programs pwmc has focuses on a unique goal or need. Such as focusing on fat loss, weight retraining or low-calorie accelerated weight loss. And the Physicians Weight Management Centers program always have specifically program tailored to each client. This also use the help of our medical professionals.

Specials Nutritional supplements

All PWMC nutritional Supplements are specially formulated to optimally benefit each client’s health. With that PWMC makes supplements that are packed with nutritional value and delicious taste. They’re the cornerstone of every program. Which is to use them to help clients lose weight while also keeping their lean muscle mass protected. Some supplements even include special ingredients that help clients lose weight healthfully.

The support system into the app.

The best program at PWMC also has the support system built right into the app. Each Physician Weight Management Center counselor has extensive experience with the weight loss programs. They provide the highest level of support and encouragement to their clients as they head towards their goal weight. This is because they have gone through the programs successfully. And can better understand what their clients are going through.

Offices moved me to tears when my mother was hospitalized. It stated that a successful life is living a life that makes a difference; I decided to pursue careers in accounting so I could make a difference in the lives of people I met. After learning about the services offered at Physicians Weight Management Centers, I knew I could make a difference in my life and the lives of others. I was originally pleased with my success, the products and treatment I received. Physicians Weight Management Centers gives the opportunity to change a life— one client at a time— and it has changed my life physically, emotionally and financially.