Physicians Weight Management Centers (PWMC)

About US

Physicians Weight Management Centers (PWMC) works closely with your PCP (or our contracted Medical Director) to provide the necessary follow-up care associated with the treatment of obesity. Whether you are referred by your PCP or treated by our Medical Director, PWMC will track your weekly progress. HIPAA compliant progress notes are provided regularly to your treating physician.

Progress notes include weight, blood pressure, group attendance and a weekly patient assessment. (Insurance superbills provided upon patient request) PWMC weekly support meetings are conducted in a positive. Also PWMC giving educational environment with an emphasis on helping you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Jones specializes in weight management programs at PWMC. Being specific to weight loss for patients with weight-related issues like diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity. His programs consider a patient’s family history, medical lab results, lifestyle and goals when determining specific metabolic programs.

Physicians Weight Management Centers (PWMC) Starting

He believed that every patient deserved compassion and encouragement in their pursuit of weight loss goals. These goals were considered challenging. But necessary for patients to become healthier. By maintaining a minimum weight loss of 10%. The patient’s body weight was expected to decrease in the long term.

Dr. Jones had a big personality and a knack for helping patients who believed weight loss and managing diabetes were hopeless. He believed it was time for Americans in the middle to afford weight loss systems accessible and supervised by licensed medical professionals.

The creation of ‘Business Best Practices‘ led to a medical protocol model with no insurance requirements. Which was intended to help preventative health with a non-insurance model. Furthermore, he created a supportive and positive working environment for his team, which resulted in many long-time coworkers.

PWMC Mission Statement reflects our beliefs as a company.

Our mission is to provide support, education and motivation to anyone who wants to lose weight and live healthier lives. Confidence, empathy, professionalism, leadership, innovation, compassion and excellence are crucial values we believe in.

PWMC Mission Are:

  • The patient PWMC is the first priority over any other consideration.
  • We provide the best possible motivational environment for our patients by using their best abilities.
  • We believe in constant education and improvement.
  • While management is more like treating obesity centers. Doctors combine the lifestyles management approach with the medical model.
  • This is because obesity patients need more lifestyle management services rather than medical ones.
  • Instead of seeing obesity as a disease in most common people see. This program make patients encouraged to see it as a lifestyle management issue for their health conditions.
  • Overweight people may have encouraged to consider their weight a lifestyle issue instead of a medical problem.
  • We believe in providing the highest quality care to every patient with a focus on goals achieved. This lead to a superb patient experience and program.

Physicians Weight Management Centers Service

  • Their service pledge states that they’ll provide customers with a reliable, affordable service.
  • PWMC programs are designed to suit our patient to specific needs, lifestyle, and goals.
  • Our care is professional and kind. It makes you healthy.
  • Many people have faced the same challenges as you and have completed this program themselves. Therefore, we can understand how you feel when learning this
  • PWMC also leaders in the field of medicine due to our use of innovative ideas and treatments.
  • Physicians Weight Management Centers (PWMC) patients always aided by our friendly and personalized approach medical management.
  • Confidently believe that changing your body and living a healthier, happier lifestyle is within your power thanks to our help.